Saturday, July 7, 2018

Kennywood's Latest 2019 Puzzle Released + Win a Chance to Ride First

© Kennywood
Kennywood has moved into the second phase of their puzzling teaser campaign for their new for 2019 attraction, this time offering up a word search that links to the earlier scratch card.  With the new puzzle fans can look for words that explain the 9 numbers that were revealed in the first phase of the challenge.

It's a bit tricky though, as there are many more than 9 words to be found in the search, so obviously there are some fake-outs in here too.

© Kennywood
Here is the actual word search, you can download a better version directly from Kennywood's website for the puzzle.  I won't ruin it by sharing all the items that I've found (it seems there are more than 20 at least), but some of the more interesting ones are lift, columns, inversion, suspended, trex, and airtime.  Remember though, only 9 of the words that are in here will correctly match up with the 9 statistics released previously.

So, why do we care?  Well for starters because teaser campaigns are fun!  And secondly, the first 12 people who submit the correct entry will be a part of the "ultimate new ride experience," which includes being one of the first to ride the attraction in 2019.  You can submit an entry each day through July 16th!