Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Camelbeach Waterpark Opens High Noon Typhoon Tornado Slide

© Camelbeach Waterpark
Proving once again that late is better than never, Pennsylvania's Camelbeach Waterpark recently opened a brand new water slide, named High Noon Typhoon.  The ride is one of Proslide's standard Tornado slides, which stand around six stories tall and utilizes four-person clover leaf shaped tubes.

As with these types of slides, the passengers sail down an enclosed section of slide through a turn and then fall into a large, steep drop into the funnel.  The tubes sail up and down the sides of the giant funnel, reaching high up the sides at first providing a moment of a weightless feeling.  As they oscillate back and forth they come to a rest in the middle of the funnel and then slide out at the bottom into the catch pool.

© Camelbeach Waterpark
While these Tornado-style rides have been around for many years now, this debut at Camelbeach Waterpark is noteworthy.  This is actually the slide's second home, as it was originally located at Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom where it was built in 2005 and named Liquid Lightning.

This past fall the Tornado slide, along with the tall Thunder Falls slide complex, and other remnants of Wildwater Kingdom (which ceased operations after 2016) were for sale via a third party.  It looks like Camelbeach saw an opportunity to pick up a large slide at a fraction of the cost of a new one, and now the rest is history.

So fans of Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom who have ridden this Tornado slide in the past still have an opportunity to ride it once more, now as High Noon Typhoon at Camelbeach!