Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Energylandia Shares Test Footage of Massive New Hyperion Roller Coaster

Happy 4th of July, everyone!  Hope everyone is out celebrating this Independence Day at their favorite amusement park!  Today's story isn't about an American attraction, but this new coaster looks noteworthy enough that I think our readers will be quite interested in it.

Poland's Energylandia has finished up major construction of their new hyper roller coaster, Hyperion, and released some early test videos.  Embedded below, the videos show off what looks like a top notch ride experience, featuring a great variety of elements and a ton of speed.

Here is the first video, which is all off-ride footage of one of the very early test runs.  Hyperion is an Intamin designed "Mega Coaster," standing 253 feet tall.  The trains feature 4-across seating like those on B&M rides, but with the two middle seats up higher than those on the outside.  That's similar to Skyrush at Hersheypark, however the Hyperion trains have floors under the outside seats, while Skyrush does not.

Hyperion's trains plummet down a 262 foot first drop into a tunnel, and hit a maximum speed of 88 miles per hour.  The total track length is 4,757 feet.  As we well know, Intamin hyper rides are some of the best on the planet, so Hyperion could be the next chapter in that legacy.

Just today Energylandia released this point of view footage of a ride on Hyperion.  The air-time looks like it will be incredible on the 2nd hill, along with what looks like an extended slow-float hill after the first speed section.  The ride's latter section is filled with fast turns and elevation changes, and there even appears to be some sort of splash element constructed for just before the final brakes.  Also of note is the ride's twist and dive element that replaces a traditional helix as the mid-course turnaround.

Shouldn't be too long now until Hyperion opens to the public, then we will get an idea of how this coaster rides!