Monday, July 2, 2018

Kennywood's 2019 Project Scratch-Off Card Almost Fully Revealed!

© Kennywood
It was just in the beginning of June that Kennywood started to tease their big 2019 attraction, sharing the above scratch-off card.  At the time they said that one square would be revealed each week, however since then they have revealed double that amount, and now there is only one square left.

Project 412, as Kennywood is calling it, now has eight clues revealed, but why the advanced reveal schedule?  Perhaps the announcement was moved up significantly, something that most fans of the park wouldn't have a problem with!

Looking at the "ride detail" clues that are revealed, let's take a guess at what some of them could mean.  The project is expected to be a new roller coaster, so we will base guesses off of that.

220 - Perhaps a total height above the park, or perhaps the longest drop?
24 - This could be the total number of passengers per train? Six cars of 4 riders each.
50 - A tough one, the only thing I could guess is a height requirement of 50 inches?
9 - Another tough one, perhaps $9 million total cost?  Might be a bit low, however, if this ride is as large as it sounds.
197 - Perhaps the total drop, or depending on if they use the park's hills the total height?
120 - Maybe the ride length in seconds, or a two minute long ride.
3 - Probably either three inversions or other key elements.
75 - The ride's top speed, which seems possible given the large height/drop.

It's fun to guess, and at the rate the park is going maybe we won't have to guess for all that much longer!  While you wait, keep up to date with construction photos of Project 412 in this gallery from Kennywood Connection.