Saturday, July 21, 2018

Announcement Date Set for Canada's Wonderland's New For 2019 Coaster

Speculation about the details of the roller coaster Canada's Wonderland is building for 2019 has been intense since the park opened this year with a brand new tunnel (with coaster track installed!) already in place for the project.

As the summer has progressed many new clues have been discovered about the ride, but the park has remained fairly quiet on the subject.  But now, according to the above tweet from the park's VP of Marketing & Sales, all will be revealed on August 15th.  That leaves us with just over three weeks until we get all the details on the project!

© Canada's Wonderland
The announcement date reveal is also on the park's website homepage as well, allowing us a closer look.  Not much else to be found here, other than it's clearly the surface of a rock with the text carved into it.
The teasing for the new coaster, expected to be one of the largest built next year, has spread to other Cedar Fair parks.  Above is a tweet showing a poster that has been displayed at Cedar Point, which by all accounts appears to be giving clues for Canada's Wonderland's new ride.

According to the graphic, the Cedar Creek Mining Company is moving up North with some new operations, and several of the chain's coaster's are featured by name.  The bottom has some curious numbers, including 17, a connection to Canada's Wonderland as the new ride will be their 17th coaster.  There is also 3,215 ft - track length? - 137 MCBR - height of the mid-course brakes? - and 3,501' - ehhh track length again?  A bit puzzling but pretty awesome to see the folks at Cedar Fair sending out clues for other parks like this!

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