Thursday, June 21, 2018

SeaWorld Orlando Shares Infinity Falls Construction Update + New Concept Art

© SeaWorld Orlando
Although the summer season is now underway, the brand new river raft ride, Infinity Falls, isn't quite ready to open at SeaWorld Orlando.  While everyone patiently waits for the large attraction to open, the theme park recently held a tour of the ride's construction site, which shows that plenty of progress has been made in recent weeks.

Above is some of the new concept art that SeaWorld Orlando has released for Infinity Falls.  The art shows off the entire ride and surrounding area, and highlights different aspects of the rapids, new food and retail offerings, and more.

© SeaWorld Orlando
It looks like SeaWorld Orlando has changed some of the ride's concept for the main plunge, removing one of the large decorative towers at the top of the drop.  This art shows the one tower that is still in place, with a few smaller ones alongside the ride's mid-course lift hill.

Several of the ride's main statistics were also released with the tour, including a river length of 1,520 feet, a 5 minute ride time, hourly capacity of just over 1,000 riders, a 30 foot lift and a 40 foot drop.  Each raft will seat 8 passengers and riders must be 42 inches tall to journey down Infinity Falls.

For more photos and video of the Infinity Falls, check out both Attractions Magazine and also Orlando Theme Park News.

And for those curious, here is a photo from ThrillGeek that shows what the main drop and surrounding area looks like as of right now.  Neat to see a large drop like that on a river rapids ride, not too many feature such an element.

Last but not least, Twitter user Bioreconstruct took to the skies again this past weekend and shared plenty of aerial views of Infinity Falls.  Click through to their Twitter feed to see more.

While a bummer that the ride isn't ready yet, I have to say that it looks really wonderful so far and SeaWorld Orlando is obviously taking the time needed to get it done right, with plenty of theming, rockwork, heavy landscaping and more going into the project!