Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Planning New Attraction for 2019

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has received a height limit waiver from the James City County Board of Supervisors that will allow them to construct a new attraction for 2019, according to several news sources.

The waiver will allow the park to build up to a height of 115 feet above finished grade, or a maximum of 155 feet above sea level.  No clues about what kind of ride might be added were revealed during the appearance for the waiver.

© James City County
This news article featured the above map of where the new attraction was approved to be built.  The location appears to have the development take place in the Ireland themed section of the park, near the bridge that connects Scotland to Ireland, but on the Ireland side.

© Google Maps
For those familiar with Busch Gardens Williamsburg, this aerial view will help make the location more clear.  After exiting Scotland the new attraction will be located right as you enter Ireland, on the left.  That location looks to be right on the edge of the hill that leads down to the Rhine River below.  Behind the new attraction are the park's train tracks and a service road, and Griffon's station beyond that.

And that's about as much fact as we can get from what was released as part of the height waiver process.  However, BGWFans did a bunch more digging and have created a theory as to what kind of attraction this might be.  I'd consider it a possible spoiler for now, so click through to their article and take a read if you like.

Regardless of what the new attraction is, it's great to see the park adding another ride into Ireland after this year's debut of Battle for Eire, their new virtual reality simulator ride.