Saturday, June 23, 2018

Pixar Pier Welcomes First Guests at Disney California Adventure

© Disney
This weekend marks the opening of Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure, which is a reimagining of the Paradise Pier area which opened along with the theme park.  Obviously, everyone's favorite Pixar characters have moved into the land, creating four Pixar-themed "neighborhoods:" Pixar Promenade, Toy Story Boardwalk, Incredibles Park and Inside Out Headquarters.

The area's main attractions have been rethemed to the popular Pixar franchises with the exception of Toy Story Midway Mania, which already nicely fits in with the Toy Story Boardwalk area.  The section's large Ferris wheel is now called Pixar Pal-A-Round, featuring new colors and character themed gondolas.

© Disney
The largest attraction of the area has always been the large launched Intamin-designed roller coaster, formerly named California Screamin', now called the Incredicoaster.  A perfect them considering that Incredibles 2 is smashing the box office right now!  The ride has received a light retheme to include the main characters from the films.

Disney California Adventure released some footage of the various theming elements that have been added to bring the Incredicoaster to life.

Although Pixar Pier is opening this weekend, it's not quite finished yet.  Coming later this year and in 2019 are several additions.  The park's classic Carousel will be rethemed to Jesse's Critter Carousel, with Western themed Toy Story additions.

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Next year the Inside Out Headquarters area will gain an attraction lifted from A Bug's Land, once it closes this summer.  Known as Emotional Whirlwind, visitors will ride in balloons themed to various emotions.  Later this year the area will also open Bing Bong's Sweet Candy Tears, a sweets shop featuring a plethora of items to choose from.