Thursday, June 7, 2018

Kennywood Begins Teaser Campaign for New-for-2019 Attraction

© Kennywood
Proving it is never too early to start teasing for next year's latest and greatest addition, Kennywood has started a teaser campaign for their 2019 addition.  And from the sound of it, it's going to be something big!

The park featured a post on their social media that reveals that "Project 412" has already broken ground, and will open in 2019.  Each Thursday the park will scratch off one of the nine boxes seen above, eventually clearing all of the "ride detail" clues.

As for the project name, before anyone starts to think there may be a 412 foot tall coaster, it's important to point out that area code 412 serves Pittsburgh, where the park is located.  So that's probably the only connection to the project name.

As for what the attraction is, both rumor and early construction signs most definitely point to a roller coaster.  More on that below.

© Kennywood
The park urged fans to share the initial post, stating they would reveal the first clue today if enough people did.  True to their word, the first box was cleared, showing the number 197.  As for what that means... well 197 miles per hour seems out of the question, and even 197 meters is only 646 feet, so that doesn't click either for track length.

Considering the new ride is looking to be a roller coaster and might use some of the park's hillside behind where the Log Jammer was, which is also behind the Racer, perhaps a lift height or drop of 197 feet is possible?

If you're looking for some views from inside Kennywood, including footers being worked on, this video from XscreamThrills is perfect.  It not only shows what's currently going on at the park, but also offers some speculation based on markings at the park.

Personally, I can't wait to see the rest of the clues and learn more about this exciting ride!