Monday, June 4, 2018

Help Busch Gardens Williamsburg Celebrate Loch Ness Monster's 40th Anniversary June 6-10

© Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Busch Gardens Williamsburg is planning to celebrate the Loch Ness Monster's 40th birthday by hosing a series of special events during a celebration lasting from June 6th through June 10th.

The classic Arrow designed double looping roller coaster has been an icon of the industry since it first opened back in 1978.  Its interlocking vertical loops, located over the Rhine River, are probably one of the most photographed elements of any ride and were a true spectacle when they debuted.

The coaster is still going strong, having given more than 58 million rides since it opened.  This year the coaster received brand new trains designed by S&S Worldwide, along with new paint throughout - true fans will also notice a new roar and some other light effects inside the ride's famous helix tunnel.

The five day special event starts off on June 6th with a ceremony and the displaying of the ride's original train inside the park.  Plus, visitors get a special Loch Ness Monster temporary tattoo as they enter the park (I totally want one!)

The celebration also includes plenty of special food offerings themed to the Loch Ness Monster inside the theme park, such as drink specials in Das Festhaus, 40 cent popcorn in Scotland and even Loch Ness Monster cupcakes.  The park will also give 40% off of all Loch Ness Monster retail items, have $4.40 ride photos on the coaster and more.

How wonderful to see Busch Gardens Williamsburg celebrating an integral part of their history with such an event, hope everyone can get to the park to check it out!