Friday, June 29, 2018

Carowinds Starts Teaser Campaign for 2019 Expansion

Some interesting new teasers have been posted by Carowinds on Twitter today, showing off what appear to be two signs posted on a construction wall inside the theme park.  Until now it was clear that some construction work was underway at the park, but one of the two signs now confirms the link between the work and the 2019 season.

© Carowinds
Here is the first photo the park shared, which isn't too large of an image but is all about the Byrd Farm Expansion that is taking place.  While pending approval from the Great Carolina Agricultural Department, the graphic advertises that "sweet corn" will fill up the area in 2019.  It also mentions a list of construction partners, some of which are familiar.  For instance, the name of one of the companies links back to characters the park created for an expansion project just a couple years ago.

© Carowinds
This is the second image that the park posted, an advertisement for barns built by the Miami River Lumber Company, which was also the company used to tease Kings Island's Mystic Timbers and then used in the coaster's back story.  The text gives more hints, possibly red herrings as well.

For instance, one line says "our lumber is obtained by means of vengeance."  This is seemingly a reference to Cedar Point's makeover of Mean Streak into Steel Vengeance.  The very bottom also reads that the company is out of Southern Yellow Pine until next season, which is a wood that is commonly used in wooden roller coaster construction.  There are even more hints in the text if you look hard enough.

© Bing Maps
Carowinds currently has heavy construction work going on in the area inside the pink outline seen here.  The former home of the park's shoot-the-chutes, along with a small water park play area has been joined to land that once held the station for Thunder Road to create a big space to work with.  Seemingly, this is where the 2019 additions will go.

For some photos of the work that has taken place thus far, check out this gallery from Carowinds Connection.  There is plenty of speculation out there as to what the park is building, and it is fun to see them now teasing the project, which looks like it could be a new themed area in addition to at least one large new ride (or a big addition to the Crossroads section).