Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Toverland's New Fenix B&M Wing Coaster Completed

© Toverland
Hooray for more new B&M wing coasters!  One of the latest to go up is Fenix at Toverland, located in the Netherlands, and it just completed instillation of the track and supports in the past week.

Fenix is the main attraction in a brand new themed area named Avalon, which is set to open at the them park on July 7th.  Above is a photo of the last track segment being put into place, which was located at the top of the lift before the first drop.

© Toverland
Fenix stands 131 feet tall and features 2,667 feet of track - a medium sized entry into the B&M wing coaster category.  The last piece of track, being installed here, turns riders after the lift and takes them directly into a 180 degree roll that inverts the trains and drops them toward the group.  This element has been a popular one to be used on B&M wing coasters after they started popping up in 2011.  The first of this style of ride, Raptor at Gardaland, had a traditional first drop, but the roll-over premiered on two rides in 2012.

© Toverland
Here is a wide photo of the entire layout of Fenix.  Eventually there will be a lake located under the middle portion of the coaster, where trains maneuver through an air-time hill on the way out, and a zero-g roll on the way back.  I'm still in love with the colors of Fenix, the blue track really pops set against the dark brown supports.

With major construction now complete, I'm sure the high level of theming that Toverland is known for will begin.  Fenix's trains, for instance, will feature beautiful phoenix theming that will have bright colors that will mix perfectly with its color scheme.