Thursday, May 3, 2018

Merlin's Mayhem Opens to Visitors of Dutch Wonderland

Merlin's Mayhem, a brand new custom-designed family inverted roller coaster, has opened to guests at Dutch Wonderland.  Park visitors have eagerly awaited the ride's grand opening, which was originally slated to take place during 2017 - but was eventually pushed back to 2018.

Designed by S&S Sansei Technologies, the ride is suitable for a wide section of park visitors, requiring only a 39 inch height requirement.  It stand 60 feet tall and its track stretches 1,300 feet long, so it's a pretty decent sized family coaster - also a nice pair to the park's wooden Kingdom Coaster ride.

Merlin's Mayhem features a curving first drop that takes riders directly over the park's chair ride, then into a swooping turn above a pond.  Several more twists and turns, including a dive into a tunnel below ground, make up the rest of the ride's layout.  The coaster's inverted trains leave riders' legs to dangle freely below them as they take on Merlin's Mayhem.

Dutch Wonderland has shared an on-ride video of Merlin's Mayhem, embedded below.  Check it out!