Monday, May 28, 2018

Darien Lake's New Tantrum Roller Coaster Opens to Visitors

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Darien Lake, which made major news last week as it will once again join the Six Flags family of parks, opened their new coaster, Tantrum, during a preview this past weekend.  The thrilling new ride will have its official grand opening on June 1st, this coming weekend.

Decked out in bright orange supports with equally vibrant green track, Tantrum is a compact Euro-Fighter roller coaster from Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.

The coaster utilizes individual cars that hold two rows of four riders each, taking them up a vertical lift to 100 feet above Darien Lake.  The signature first drop takes place immediately after, featuring a beyond vertical 95 degree plunge that accelerates cars to 52 miles per hour.

After the drop the cars head up into an Immelmann that twists back into a dive loop, sending them toward the ground.  After a small speed hill there is an overbanked curve and a tilted loop before the final brakes.

Tantrum is Darien Lake's first major new roller coaster since the Moto Coaster opened back in 2008.

Darien Lake shared this video of Tantrum completing a test run prior to this past weekend's opening... gives us a great idea of how quick the ride is running!  It will be exciting to see the park start its next chapter as a part of the Six Flags family, I'm sure there will be plenty more development to come!