Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sesame Place Opens New Gravity Group Family Wooden Coaster

Adding to the list of new rides and attractions that are opening this Memorial Day weekend, we have Oscar's Wacky Taxi at Sesame Place, located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The family-sized coaster was built by The Gravity Group, who have already created several similarly sized rides around the globe.  Sesame Place is meant for families, so a ride of Oscar's Wacky Taxi's size - standing around 40 feet tall - is perfect for the park's demographic.

Sesame Place shared this video a few days before the coaster opened, the first off-ride footage I had seen of it in action.  As expected, the coaster looks like it moves at a zippy pace, with the Timberliner train (with Oscar on the taxi themed lead car) making quick work of the 1,200 foot long layout.  The ride even features a tunnel section mid-way through the ride, along with a series of gentle-looking bunny hills.  Again, with smaller riders in mind when this was designed, I wouldn't expect too many extreme forces.

Ready to take a virtual ride along with Oscar?  If so, check out the video below!