Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Luna Park Building Modern Thrill Version of Famous Astrotower

Luna Park, located in the famous seaside paradise known as Coney Island, has announced that they are opening a new thrill ride this month named Astrotower.

The ride is a sort-of replacement for the famous Astrotower observation ride that operated in Coney Island for decades.  That tower was closed when Luna Park opened, but one summer it started swaying a bit and the park had to be closed - the Astrotower was promptly torn down in the following days.

From the graphic it's clearly a freefall experience that is headed to Luna Park, that's why I said it is only a sort-of replacement.  More of a nod to the observation tower that fans of Coney Island loved dearly.

The new Astrotower appears to be a Flash Tower, manufactured of course by Zamperla.  The ride is advertised as both blasting riders up to the top of the tower, and then also freefalling them back down to the ground within one ride cycle.  The listed height for this type of ride is around 120 feet, but since Luna Park is much like Zamperla's showroom it's possible that it will be customized for this instillation.

I do not see the Astrotower listed on the park's website just yet, but when it does get added I'm sure we'll have more information on the ride's specs.