Monday, May 7, 2018

Aquatica Orlando's Ray Rush Slide to Open May 12th

Aquatica Orlando, located near SeaWorld Orlando, has announced that its new family water slide, Ray Rush, will open to visitors on May 12th.  The innovative new water slide features a three-in-one combination of exciting elements that make it unlike any slide in the area.

© Aquatica Orlando
Ray Rush shares a slide tower with Walhalla Wave, another family raft ride at Aquatica Orlando.  As guests approach the tower they will see this colorful new signage, helping them know which way to head for the journey of their choice.

Ray Rush starts at nearly 60 feet above the park, and utilizes rafts that seat up to four passengers.  It has a 42 inch height requirement, which will allow younger visitors to ride with their family.

© Aquatica Orlando
One of the most interesting parts of Ray Rush is the start, which features a small uphill master blaster section, seen above.  Instead of starting with a drop, the ride will blast rafts out of the loading area and into the first enclosed tunnel.  The rafts then enter a giant sphere, then plunge down a drop into a halfpipe that resembles a Manta ray.  A couple more turns and splashes bring the rafts to the end of the thrilling ride.

For more on Ray Rush, check out Aquatica Orlando's website.