Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Joker - Free Fly Coaster Opening at Three Six Flags Parks in 2017

Fresh off the success of the a similar instillation this year at Six Flags Great Adventure, three additional Six Flags parks will open The Joker - Free Fly Coaster in 2017.  The 4th Dimension Free Fly Coaster is manufactured by S&S Worldwide, and each instillation will provide the same layout and statistics as the existing model.

The parks that will be adding The Joker will be Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Great America, and Six Flags New England.  The Joker will feature a vertical 120 foot tall lift hill and ride vehicles that feature seats that are able to freely spin and invert along the ride's layout.  Ride elements include beyond-vertical Raven-drop free falls and anywhere from four to eight flips.

© Six Flags
The dynamic nature of The Joker means that no two rides are exactly the same, with on-board magnetic technology along with different weight distributions creating endless ride possibilities.  The cars also feature seats that face inward so that riders can "face off" against one another as they ride, and offer both forward and backward ride motions.

At Six Flags New England the coaster will be located in the South End, across from the park's Tea Cups.  At Six Flags Great America the Joker will rise in the Yankee Harbor section, adjacent to the popular Batman The Ride coaster.  Finally, at Six Flags Over Texas the ride will join the existing Gotham City attractions, which was expanded with several new rides in 2016.

One change I did notice in the concept art above (and on all three parks' websites) is that the supports on The Joker appears to have changed to purple and green, like the track, but on opposite sides.  The first instillation just had black supports, so these new rides will have even more color to them, it appears.