Saturday, September 10, 2016

NewsPlusNotes Summer 2016 Poll Results

This summer we extended our usual poll to allow for a longer voting period - makes sense so that everyone could get out and ride all those new coasters! We wanted to know what our reader's favorite new North American roller coaster was, and here are the results.

© Dollywood
Although the roller coaster had a bit of a slow start and only recently ended "technical rehearsals," our number one finisher was Dollywood's Lightning Rod with 34% of all the votes.  The custom designed Rocky Mountain launched wood coaster comes with impressive statistics, and an equally impressive amount of air-time for riders.  Reviews of the coaster have remained overwhelmingly positive, with most saying it's a wild out-of-control feeling experience from start to finish.

In second place was Cedar Point's big B&M dive coaster, Valravn.  The ride received a healthy 23% of all the votes.  It never hurts to be located at one of the U.S.'s most popular amusement parks, but Valravn's immense size, inversions and that vertical plunge seem to have made their own mark on fans.

Sunny Florida saw the addition of Mako at SeaWorld Orlando, a B&M hyper coaster that gives a reliable air-time filled experience to riders.  While not pushing any design boundaries, the coaster lived up to the B&M hyper's before it, and that resulted in a 3rd place finish with 13% of the votes.

Here are the full results from our Summer poll.  It's worth noting as well that the 4th place spot went to Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom, another intense Rocky Mountain creation.  Fans seem to react quite positively to all the rides they've been creating!

We're launching a poll this month that's taking a look at the already announced 2017 additions from all Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks.  The announcements have been heavy on new flat rides, shows and other interactive experiences - a certain change from years past - especially with only 4 new coasters between them!  That makes me wonder which 'new direction' has the attention of our readers.  Vote over on the left!