Sunday, September 4, 2016

SeaWorld San Diego Breaks Ground on New Ocean Explorer Area + New Concept Art

© SeaWorld San Diego
This past week officials at SeaWorld San Diego broke ground on a new multi-million dollar themed area for 2017, named Ocean Explorer.  Previously announced, the new land will contain a mix of rides, animals and education experiences, and theming to create a cohesive environment over a three acre section of the theme park.

The main attraction in Ocean Explorer will be the submarines, the boarding station for which can be seen above.  The ride will depart and travel on an elevated track above the section, entering different aquariums to explore the depths of the ocean.  Riders will be able to use an on-board navigation panel to collect data and learn how they can help the animals they encounter.  Naturally, the park also promises several surprises along the three minute journey that they aren't ready to reveal yet.

© SeaWorld San Diego
As part of the ground breaking announcement, the theme park also released this new concept art showing off all of Ocean Explorer.  It shows the colorful design that has gone into the new area, as well as the elevated track for the submarines that moves throughout the area.

Ocean Explorer will contain an additional four mechanical rides beyond the submarines.  Three are children's: one spinner, a bounce and drop, and a swing style ride.  The other is a classic wave swinger that is themed as a giant jellyfish with riders soaring on its many tentacles.

The expansion also includes new "research pod" aquariums with additions like Moray eels, Giant Pacific octopuses and Japanese spider crabs.  Each of these pods will have educational displays that allow visitors to learn more about the animals.

The entire Ocean Explorer area will contain an over reaching theme of how visitors can help the ocean's inhabitants, and ways they can get involved.

Slated for a late-spring 2017 opening, the addition will be located where the current Animal Connections and Circle of Flags are.