Thursday, September 22, 2016

Parts Arrive for Major New Roller Coaster at Casino Pier

I've heard no previous rumors about a major new roller coaster being built at New Jersey's Casino Pier, but it would seem fairly certain that one is happening for 2017.  That's a nice surprise, no doubt!

© Shorebeat / Daniel Nee
Parts for a new coaster have already started to arrive on site at the park, featuring lime green track and a brilliant blue support color.  The above photo is from a Shorebeat news article that detailed some of the efforts Casino Pier is undergoing to expand.

It sounds like the park has been working on a land swap deal with Seaside Heights that would allow them to build additional boardwalk space to the North of their current operations - which were rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy destroyed much of the park in 2012.

As for the roller coaster, it's being reported by RCDB that it will be a Gerstlauer custom-designed "Infinity" ride.  The track and supports also match the style of these rides, and also make it seem like there will be a vertical lift hill.

A ride of the same style opened this year at Adventureland, the Monster.  While I would expect Casino Pier's to be a bit smaller than the Monster, there's still a lot of potential for an interesting ride to go up.  I can't wait to find out more!