Thursday, September 8, 2016

Scott And Carol Present - A Look At Mystic Timbers Construction

While we do not know what's in the shed, we can show you what's behind the wall, thanks to the Eiffel  Tower and a 750 mm lens. 

Zooming out a bit, we can see a couple of rows of footers. If you look closely at the closest pair, you can see how they are connected below ground level. That will be backfilled soon, probably with dirt generated from drilling out the next footers.

So here is the first vertical construction for Mystic Timbers.

Hard at work on Labor Day, we appreciate the construction efforts while we get a day off to play.

If you look closely, you can see how the last vertical is tied off to the rest of the structure, because it doesn't have anything on the other side to give it support. Once it is all assembled it will be rigid.

You can see Diamondback's track next to the former Huss Giant Topspin ride building, which is used for a Haunt maze now. Just past the curve is the new path to Whitewater Canyon.

There is still a little clearing to be done, but they are taking their time because they want to save as many trees as possible.

If you look at the footers in the background, nothing is mounted on them yet. They are  attached to each other underground, which allows Great Coasters to provide one of the longest wood coaster guarantees in the industry, as well as a very smooth ride.

That's because this guy has to mark the correct location for the attachment brackets to be mounted. It's all done with laser triangulation, so these guys actually use the geometry they studied in high school. It sure didn't seem important at the time.

The long square rebar is used in the connecting concrete pieces that are placed below the frost line that tie the footers together.

You just need to keep bolting the wood together per the plan, to make the verticals. And then add the cross pieces to hold the verticals together, When you add the ledger, it is ready to set it up next to the last one you installed. Repeat until you have on on every set of footers and you can start tracking.

It looks like they already have enough wood, but it takes an amazing amount of lumber to build a wood roller coaster. They are using wood that is both insect repellent and fire retardant.

Not your average post hole digger, this is what they use for the vertical portion of the footers. It chews through everything, that is everything but a large rock or sewer line. They have to know what is supposed to be below ground because it works so fast.

Here you can see how Diamondback and Mystic Timbers will interact with each other, although Diamondback is way above its wooden counterpart. They have a long way to go, but it is a long time until spring. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.