Thursday, September 29, 2016

Major New Launched Coaster Headed to Blackpool Pleasure Beach in '18

© Blackpool Pleasure Beach
The trend of earlier and earlier announcements of new rides continues, this time for "Construction 2018" - a brand new, custom-designed Mack double-launched roller coaster at England's Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Obviously that won't be the final name of the new roller coaster, but until the park releases that the ride is just Construction 2018.  The coaster is billed by the park as having the "most interactions" at 15, involving 5 different rides at the park and two tunnels.  There will also be one inversion along the 3,740 feet of track.

The experience will start with a launch featuring a top speed of 50 miles per hour directly up onto a large air-time hill.  The ride twists and turns around the park's attractions until it hits another launch that will get the trains through the remainder of the course.  The maximum height of the ride is 88.5 feet and the largest drop is 82 feet.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach released this footage of the ride, both off and on-ride, showing all the elements packed into the layout.  It allows us to follow the track as the coaster interacts with rides like the Big One, Steeplechase, Big Dipper, Pleasure Beach Express and the park's Grand Prix.

Blackpool's Managing Director, Nick Thompson, commented that the park has "been working on this concept for five years now and are delighted to be able share news of our plans.  Construction 2018 will be fast, adrenalin fuelled and exhilarating but also smooth and comfortable – an entirely new ride experience."  The park is spending around $21 million (at a current conversion rate) to bring the massive new ride to life.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach looks like they have a winner on their hands, at least judging from the above video.  I can't wait to follow the ride's progress over the next year and a half!