Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Time to Face The Monster at Adventureland

© Adventureland
The Monster, a brand new custom-designed Gerstlauer "infinity coaster" has opened at Adventureland, located in Altoona, Iowa.  Complete with a scary looking front car design, the Monster has already started terrorizing visitors to the park - but in a good way, of course.

Standing 133 feet tall with bright green track and silver supports, the coaster utilizes a vertical lift hill and a first drop that goes beyond straight down at 101 degrees.  As noted in earlier construction posts about the ride, Adventureland has their sky ride going straight through he middle of the coaster, with it looping around it.

And speaking of looping, the Monster inverts riders 5 times through its 2,500 foot long course, including dive loops, an immelmann and corkscrew.  There's also a vertical loop that has the track where the train is totally upside down stretched out a bit, giving maximum hang-time to passengers.

Ride Entertainment just uploaded this montage of footage of the Monster in operation:

Make sure that you watch all the way to the end where it shows the stunning light package that the park has placed on the new coaster.  Not only is it capable of an assortment of colors but it does an amazing effect where the lights chase the movement of the car, turning the track a bright red/orange as it moves then cooling to blue on the completed sections.  Definitely a night ride coaster!