Friday, June 17, 2016

Six Flags Over Georgia Closes Classic Ride for 2017 Expansion

© Six Flags Over Georgia
The bumper cars have left the building.  Six Flags Over Georgia has revealed that the Dodge City Bumper Cars - at the park for more than three decades - are officially closed.  Yesterday was the theme park's 49th birthday and also the final day of operations for the bumper cars.  Hopefully diehard fans of the park were able to swing by for one last bump!

With no detail at all given so far, the park is saying for sure that the bumper cards are being removed for a new for 2017 attraction.  Exactly what remains a mystery.

The bumper cards were located in the Cotton States Exposition themed area at the park, right near Superman: Ultimate Flight.  In the aerial above, the bumper car building is the large white rectangular structure in the bottom left-ish.  Obviously it is a pretty large building, so removing it could free up a lot of space.  There are already rumors of what could be coming to the area - especially considering its proximity to a Superhero themed ride - but we will wait and see what the park has to say at the end of the Summer.  They are starting the project pretty early, though, so maybe something big is on the way!