Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dorney Park June 2016 Mini-Update

The summer season is now rolling along at Dorney Park, a great time to check in and see what's happening.  The month of June is again Lemonade Days at the park, supporting fundraising efforts for Alex's Lemonade Stand.  Part of the proceeds from an everyone-pays-kids-price online sale, plus money the park is donating when #OneDorneySmileAtATime is used on social media are going to the foundation.  So far they've raised nearly $21,000 this year!

As we've seen at most Cedar Fair parks, and many others for that matter, Coca-Cola Refresh Stations are popping up at the park.  With the push for all-season refillable cups going strong, these additions make a lot of sense.  One has been added just inside the park's entrance, and another in the food area of Wildwater Kingdom.

I'm not sure if I missed this earlier in the season or it is a recent change, but the small retail stand that was located above has been removed, with additional seating taking its place.

The start of the summer season also means that more of the park's live entertainment is running.  Above are the performers in Totally 80's, which plays at the Coasters Bandstand on the main midway.  This weekend was also the start of All Wheel Sports at the Good Time Theater.

Moving on to Haunt news, it looks like we can confirm that Desolation will not be returning this fall.  Here is what was the exit to the haunted house, note that the small outdoor extension / photo sales area has been torn down, with only the main building left.

And in this odd photo I took you can only really notice that the large outdoor sets for Desolation (the town scene) are no longer standing.  Perhaps that haunt hint the park's General Manager left a while back will be located in this area.

Here's a Haunt banner on the side of Mansion House, which still looks untouched for now.  The fun starts on September 16th!

Asylum has also received a brand new paint job, featuring a bit more color than it previously had.  I wonder if the inside of this ever-popular maze will see improvements as well?

That's it for now, more to come as the season progresses!