Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Joker Thrills Riders with New Coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Rocky Mountain Construction is continuing to turn up the heat at amusement parks across the world in 2016, with a total of 4 projects coming to life this summer.  We've covered several of them already, but one that's already successfully opened that we missed is the Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

The ride represents another wood coaster conversion, utilizing much of the structure from Roar! (a 1999 Great Coasters design) to bring the Joker to life.

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
The new coaster features "twisted purple and green track; crazy, unexpected maneuvers; and frenetic, one-of-a-kind elements" that are unlike any ride in the Northern California market.  While Roar! was a traditional wooden coaster with no inversions, the Joker features several upside-down elements due to the use of steel track.

“This is a stand-out among extreme coasters,” said Don McCoy, park president. “I’ve never seen this kind of anticipation by the public for any new ride and it doesn’t disappoint. The experience adds tremendously to the park’s status as Northern California’s most thrilling theme park.”

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
The tone of the experience is set when visitors arrive at the Joker, with the station and queue serving as a giant funhouse.  Guests enter through the open mouth of a giant clown face, and the area has other theming adornments like oversized chattering teeth.   The ride begins with a traditional lift hill to 100 feet above the park, and of course the first drop is up next.  The ride quickly dives at a steep 78 degree and turns at the same time, hurtling the trains at 53 miles per hour into the first ever "step-up under-flip inverted roll."

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
The rest of the 3,200 feet of track features extreme curves and banks, along with a zero-g barrel roll and 180 degree stall - both of which invert passengers.  In total Six Flags Discovery Kingdom says that there are 15 separate moments of air-time to be found during the ride.  Much like we've seen on other Rocky Mountain trains, the face plate of the Joker is elaborate - seen above - featuring the villain himself with a huge grin on his face.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has shared this great footage of the Joker in action - check it out below!