Saturday, June 11, 2016

New High-Quality Virtual Ride on Dollywood's Lightning Rod Now Available

Dollywood is still keeping Lightning Rod, the park's new and world's fastest wooden roller coaster, partially under wraps and holding only limited technical rehearsal rides with the public.  That means for the time being it can be a bit difficult to get on the record breaking ride, but luckily Upstop Media has released a super high definition point of view film of the ride:

Lightning Rod is the world's fastest wooden roller coaster at 73 miles per hour, beating the former holder, Six Flags Great America's Goliath, by one mile per hour.  The coaster uses a launch up the first hill to get the train to 45 miles per hour, which is followed by two air-time hills and a 165 foot drop at 73 degrees.

News from those who have experienced the ride's 3,800 foot long course place it easily in most top-ten lists, citing the raw speed and intense forces experienced on the ride.  The park advertised 20 seconds of combined air-time on Lightning-Rod when they announced it, and it sounds like they've made very good on that promise.

Watch for more news on the full opening of the ride, along with more coverage in the future!