Monday, June 13, 2016

Must-See POV Video of Kolmarden's Wildfire Released

Just days after completing the ride's track, Kolmarden began test runs of Wildfire, their new Rocky Mountain wooden roller coaster.  This is one of the season's most anticipated rides, and it is now planned to open this Saturday, June 18th.  To tide fans over, especially ones that do not live anywhere near Sweden, the park quickly released this point of view video of the ride.  Ready?

Granted it is just a video, but it really looks like Wildfire will deliver one heck of a ride when it opens.  From the moment it plunges down that 161 foot drop at 83 degrees the ride absolutely does not let up.  There are a total of 3 inversions mixed in the ride's 4,265 feet of track, but with so many extreme banks one might argue there are even more.  I can only imagine how many of those hills provide wicked air as well!

So, who's booking tickets to Sweden for this Summer?