Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Time Is Now

Editor's Note: Just in from our friends at Coney Island Developement Corp. If you feel passionate about this cause, please take a minute to sign the petition.

The Time Is Now

Dear Friends and Residents of Coney Island:

Our collective efforts to revitalize Coney Island are now at a critical juncture. As the City Council takes up the Coney Island Comprehensive Plan -- a plan to grow and protect the amusement area, bring jobs and opportunity to the entire neighborhood, and provide housing and services to the Coney Island community -- I am writing to ask you, one last time, to show your support.

Today, our elected officials face an important choice. Down one path is a continuation of a decades-long decline in the amusement area that has left the neighborhood with vacant lots and broken promises. And down another path is a Comprehensive Plan that was generated by this community to move forward in a thoughtful and sensitive way, working together to make Coney Island the world-class amusement destination and neighborhood we all know it can become.

Please log on to our website now and take a quick moment to register your support by signing our Online Petition, which will be delivered directly to City Council.

Thank you for everything you've done to get us to this point. I'm confident that, with your support, we'll accomplish great things in Coney Island.

Warm regards,
Lynn Kelly