Friday, June 12, 2009

Ba Da Ba Ba Baaa I'm Lovin' It

© 2009

I used the McDonald's slogan as the title to this post because with the new red track that has shown up at Kings Dominion and the yellow supports previously delivered, we now have another fast-food-color-scheme Cedar Fair coaster!

All kidding aside, track has now shown up and KDFansite has exclusive photos. I honestly have no idea what kind of track that is. The only other place I've seen something similar to that is on the track for the world's fastest coaster at Ferrari World... but some say that ride is Premier and some say Intamin.

Either way, it's exciting!


Ethan Massey said...

The supports have been packed back up on the trucks and are no longer at Kings Dominion.

Unknown said...

I'm willing to bet they are, but just not in the parking lot.

dwitos079 said...

i'd bet they are putting in vekoma flyer in. They probably figure it is cheaper and like ki.