Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Knott's Berry Farm 2006

A series of Facebook messages from my closet coaster enthusiast friend Craig prompted me to dig up a Knott's Berry Farm brochure for your viewing pleasure this week. It seems he took his brother, niece, and nephew to the Farm a couple weeks back and fell in love with GhostRider. Unfortunately for him, there is but a single tiny photo (and I mean tiny) of his beloved woodie in the brochure I happened to grab. But I hope it will help him relive his adventure nonetheless!

"So much for so little." I'm down with the "so much" part. Knott's has a boatload of rides which I would love to experience someday! But could you qualify the latter half of that statement, please? I was recently (and painfully) reminded of exactly how much dough one can lay out during a single day at a corporate theme park, so at this moment I am naturally suspicious of all such claims...

That red and yellow inverted coaster sure does look hauntingly familiar...Hey, I remember now! Silver Bullet was one of the rides which adorned the NPN sidebar prior to our facelift. It was in good company here, and it is also in good company at Knott's. Their coaster collection includes everything from a newfangled Zamperla MotoCoaster to the classic Schwarzkopf goodness of Montezooma's Revenge.

I think a certain little park in Indiana (*COUGH* Holiday World) may have a bone to pick with Knott's over that "America's 1st Theme Park" tag line that's so boldly emblazoned on this brochure and the multitudes of other paraphernalia to come out of this park, but I'm too tired for a debate tonight so we'll let it slide.

[Are you taking notes, Craig? You need to educate yourself on all these names I'm dropping if you ever hope to attain full-fledged "enthusiast" status.]

The ever popular ProSlide Tornado took up residence at all three Knott's Soak City water parks in 2006, and all three were named "Pacific Spin". Although Soak City is also owned and operated by Cedar Fair, it is not included in the price of your Knott's admission. Looks like my suspicions regarding that "so little" claim are proving to be right on the money, so to speak!

The Knott's Berry Farm Resort Hotel, located literally steps away from the park, is also owned and operated by Cedar Fair. I was suspicious of this as well (for no good reason this time, just for the sake of being suspicious), but they had me at "Beagle Bedtime tuck-in service". Oh Cedar Fair, you sweet talkers, you!

Initially I was suprised to see that the obligatory operating schedule had not been printed on the back of this brochure. (Although the Cedar Fair parks seem to be getting away from this practice altogether now.) But after reading the fine print, I realized it was unnecessary: "Knott's Theme Park is open every day except Christmas." Well that's certainly easy enough to remember!

This concludes our tour of the Knott's Berry Farm of 2006. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to inquire about whether the Beagle Bedtime tuck-in service makes house calls to the East Coast. (Do you think I'm joking?)


Craig F said...

Nice post Bree!

Knotts Berry Farm is transformed into Knotts Scary Farm in October and is the place to be in So Cal for the Halloween season.

For a normal coaster enthusiast, if you go on a Sunday morning - not during the summer - you can walk on to most of the coasters until about 1PM or so.

Sabrina said...

You see, folks? He's starting to sound like an enthusiast already.

You're a good pupil, Craig. I have high hopes for you!