Friday, June 26, 2009

Is It That Time Already?!

Universal Studios Florida has already announced that this year's Halloween Horror Nights event will be titled "Ripped From The Screen" and will feature Chucky, Jigsaw from Saw, and The Wolfman as hosts.

According to the park, "Never before has Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights featured such a catalog of horror. Everyone knows these films. And now everyone will get to live them in person. Guests will experience the physical and psychological horror that Jigsaw, Chucky and The Wolfman have inflicted on the silver screen. They will become victim to the mental games of “SAW’s” maniacal killer Jigsaw. They will come face to face with “Chucky’s” wrath. And they will be there as “The Wolfman’s” alter-ego, Lawrence Talbot, discovers a primal side of himself he didn’t know existed."

I'm surprised they are revisiting the horror film theme so soon after using Freddy and the gang a couple years back, but it'll still be a great event!  I'm partial to their own twisted themes that they come up with though.  Either way, let the games begin!

Universal Studios Hollywood also announced their theme, which appears to stick only with the Saw franchise.  If you want to check out the pages they have up for both events so far, click here.