Thursday, June 4, 2009

Carowinds 2010 Making Progress

© 2009 Wormy via Carowinds Connection

Kings Dominion's coaster supports arrival may have the spotlight right now, but we must not forget that Carowinds has been working on their new ride for 2010 all season long!

The park has just about completed leveling the ground where their former log flume ride was, and they've created a new track layout for their Dora train ride and fenced it off from the construction site.

No parts are on site yet, at least that we can see, but it appears as though that may be right around the corner. If footers aren't already in, they're up next, too. Whatever this ride will be, it sure appears that it'll be big!

Check out the latest update from Carowinds Connection.


rollercoastin said...

well the land cleared doesnt look like enough for a new coaster,and the hanover county documents have evidence that kings dominion is gettin a new coaster.
so dont get your hopes up