Monday, June 22, 2009

Holy Moley It's a Giga!

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If you say the word "giga" many times in quick succession, it sorta sounds like the gibberish that came out of my mouth when I spied the latest updates to this thread on Theme Park Review! (Scroll down to the third post.) I then proceeded to drool all over my desk. But that's neither here nor there.

While we have no official confirmation, all signs (not to mention packing slips) now point to Kings Dominion getting an Intamin giga coaster in 2010! The slip above, which clearly reads "Giga Coaster" in the lower left-hand corner, was affixed to a mere box of washers. But that box of washers sits beside many, many pieces of bright red track which continue to arrive at the park. Barring an elaborate hoax or the possibility that Intamin simply ran out "non-giga" packing slips, I'd say this is pretty solid proof.

I, for one, am floored by this news. I thought for sure that we'd never see another one of these bad boys, and the timing is puzzling at best considering that Cedar Fair has been floating the possibility of shedding some properties. As excited as I am to see what materializes down there in Doswell, I really hope Cedar Fair didn't break the bank on this one!


T. Finn said...

I'm really excited about this! I didn't think we'd see another one of these either, quite frankly. I can't wait to see it built.