Monday, April 3, 2023

Cedar Fair Ends Relationship with Camp Cedar Near Kings Island

© Camp Cedar

Cedar Fair has ended their relationship with the luxury cottage and campground near Kings Island, now named Camp Cedar, after only a couple years.  The company never owned the new development, instead they had a management contract in place to operate the facility.  The property was previously known as Kings Island Camp Cedar, and was announced in late 2020 and opened to guests in 2021.  It is located less than a mile from Kings Island.

According to this news article the new management company for Camp Cedar is named Advanced Outdoor Solutions, which has been in business for two decades and specializes in outdoor hospitality.  The new operators are planning on making improvements to Camp Cedar immediately, including making it pet friendly, adding RV rentals and hosting plenty of family-friendly activates on site.  They will still offer shuttles to Kings Island and honor a season pass holder discount.

Looking back, Camp Cedar and the deal to run it was never really mentioned much at all by Cedar Fair in the two years they managed it.  It's curious for the relationship to end so suddenly, but then again Cedar Fair also quietly ended their management contract for Gilroy Gardens last year as well.  Perhaps that's just not a business model they are interested in.  On the other hand, maybe Cedar Fair just stepped in to run the development to help get it open, as it has value as an obvious feeder for the park, while never planning to run it long term.