Monday, April 17, 2023

Lake Compounce Keeps Wildcat Closed for Renovations + Adds Titan Track to Boulder Dash

© Lake Compounce
The historic Wildcat wooden roller coaster at Lake Compounce will be closed for 2023 while work on the ride takes place, the park has announced on social media.  The park is only saying they are working on a large "improvement project" that requires the ride to stay closed this year.  The ride will probably be receiving a large amount of track repair and replacement, and perhaps even some more modern fixes to help smooth out the track. 


Thankfully the park is being clear and there is no need to worry that the classic wooden coaster is on its way out, in fact the park notes that the ride "is an iconic part of our park’s history, and we intend for it to be a cherished part of our park's future."  The PTC designed ride opened in 1927 and was designed by Herbert Schmeck.

© Lake Compounce
In other Lake Compounce news, the park has reported that Boulder Dash has received Great Coaster International/Skyline Attraction's Titan Track on its first drop, showing off the renovations on social media as well.  A full 580 feet of the no-weld steel track has been placed on the drop, meant to make a smoother ride and prolong the life of the coaster as well.  Looks great!  I have to wonder if Wildcat will feature any of this track as part of its renovations this year?