Sunday, April 16, 2023

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Enhancing Animal Experiences in 2023

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is once again turning its focus to the park's various animal exhibits in 2023 with the addition of The Rainforest Trail.  The attraction will be "set amongst water features and plant life designed to represent the special ecosystem of a rainforest" and will feature "over 500 free flying butterflies from around the world, colorful fish, a slot and more."

Guest will be able to take the whole family on the journey to the Rainforst Trail, which is meant to "transport guests to a lush tropical environment which includes encounters with exotic animals."


© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
“We are excited to continue the park’s 37-year legacy of providing educational and thrilling wildlife adventures for our guests,” said General Manager Kirk Smith. “The Rainforest Trail, new Shark Experience, and other recent animal additions solidifies our commitment to delivering the most unique and innovative experiences for our guests. From world-class rollercoasters to breathtaking animal presentations, we have it all.”

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will also be creating a newly enhanced Shark Experiences for visitors to explore.  The park will make state of the art audio and visual enhancements and add-on interactive educational opportunities to "compliment the existing walkthrough underwater tunnel and floor to ceiling viewing windows" that visitors have enjoyed for three decades. 

Other animal additions in 2023 include new animal interaction programs:

    Dolphin Discovery – Swim alongside these amazing ocean creatures;
    Wildlife Adventure Tour – An intimate and private tour around the park with awe-inspiring meetings with the park’s majestic animals;
    Sharks in the Dark – Sleep overnight in the park’s Shark Experience amongst the calm shadows of these creatures of the deep;
    Backstage Safari – Go behind the scenes and learn how the park’s animal care specialists care for the unique assembly of animals at Six Flags;
    Merlin’s Fins & Friends – Come face-to-face with the park’s famous Bottlenose Dolphins;
    Paint N’ Create – Create a truly unique work of art with a dolphin or penguin;
    Cain’s Lion Encounter – Discover the unique personalities of the park’s lion pride; and
    Sal’s Slither & Scales – Burrow into the fascinating world of reptiles.