Sunday, April 9, 2023

Six Flags Great Adventure Making Huge Investment in Hurrican Harbor in 2023

© Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure has announced that they are making a huge investment in Hurricane Harbor, the water park adjacent to the theme park, for the 2023 season.  In fact, the investment will be the largest at the water park in two decades.  The changes will be seen throughout the park, and include many improvements, additional amenities and a new family attraction.

Interim Park President Randy Wilke highlighted the new additions, saying, “As one of the Northeast’s largest water parks, we are focused on increasing value for families and elevating the guest experience. This significant investment brings state-of-the-art kids’ attractions geared towards children under 42 inches tall, plus park enhancements aimed at providing exciting new experiences for all ages.”


© Six Flags Great Adventure
The biggest draw will be a new interactive splash play tower named Splash Island.  It will feature a "playful sea creature beach theme" with several kid friendly water slides, vibrant colors and more that 50 play features.  It will feature a giant tipping bucket that will splash down on spectators below, and the entire addition is sure to keep families busy for hours this summer.

Hurricane Harbor will also be adding seven new kid friendly water slides, all smaller versions of popular grown up attractions.  With names like Cowabunga, Jellyfish Twist, Shark Attack and the Stingray Racer, just to name a few, the new kids slides will be a huge improvement over the park's current offerings.

Throughout the entire park there will be more shade structures added, more cabanas available to rent and new dining offerings.  These include a new open air dining experience near Splash Island that will be able to keep hungry families playing in the sun all day.