Saturday, January 5, 2019

Kentucky Flyer Construction Races into the New Year

© Kentucky Kingdom
There is always a major slow-down on park construction projects around the holidays and the end of the year, but now that we're past that hump parks are kicking work back into high gear.  Such is the case at Kentucky Kingdom where the park is placing more and more structure for the Kentucky Flyer wooden roller coaster each day.

The Kentucky Flyer will be Kentucky Kingdom's new family sized wood coaster, designed and built by The Gravity Group.  Featuring a 45 foot drop and a 35 mile per hour top speed, the coaster will be just thrilling enough for the whole family to enjoy.  Like other Gravity Group family wood coasters, we all expect the Kentucky Flyer to be filled with zippy transitions and plenty of air-time pops (12 in all according to the park).

But back to construction, the amusement park released their first construction update video of the new year:

The middle section of the ride continues to grow, with more hills and valleys in place.  The ride will feature steel supports and traditional wooden track, stretching over 1,280 feet long.  The video points out that all concrete foundation work is now complete, meaning that the structure can go up even faster than ever.  Looking great so far!