Monday, January 28, 2019

New Elements of Walibi Holland's RMC Conversion Coaster - Untamed - Revealed to Fans

© Walibi Holland
Walibi Holland is being pretty sneaky about reveal the details of their Rocky Mountain Construction conversion of Robin Hood.  They're only releasing the main elements of the coaster a little at a time in a series of construction videos, the third of which recently was released.

Robin Hood was built by Vekoma, one of a handful of wood coasters the company has built, and opened in 2000.  When it opens again in 2019 it will be named Untamed and feature a twisted steel track layout created by Rocky Mountain Construction.

© Walibi Holland
The latest video gives us a look at the start of the ride, from exiting the station to the top of the lift, the first drop details, and the first element post-drop.

After exiting the station the trains will encounter a simple yet interesting element, what was a simple 180 degree turn to the lift will be outwardly banked at 45 degrees.  It can be seen in the image above, and should be a fun little start to the ride - something nearly all RMC rides do.

© Walibi Holland
This shot shows that Untamed will be a taller ride than Robin Hood was when it is complete, which is not unusual for some Rocky Mountain conversions.  Robin Hood's lift hill stood at around 105 feet tall, and Untamed's has been revealed to max out at a hair under 120 feet tall.  The ride's first drop will then extend 116 feet to the ground at 80 degrees, an impressive angle for a relatively short drop.

These changes are being accomplished by the new lift (which can be seen going up in the image above) being at a steeper 40 degree angle.

© Walibi Holland
Those increased statistics should make the first element, described in the video as a "micro bunny" hill that will give ejector air-time, even better.  More speed and a small air-time hill will mean that riders will quickly embrace the lap bars as they exit their seats.

The rest of the ride remains a mystery for now, but if you want to watch the whole video from the park (use captions) here it is: