Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Copperhead Strike Photos Show Ride Progress + New Look at Theming

© Carowinds
A polar votex may be keeping most of the country in a deep freeze, but down at Carowinds the construction progress of Copperhead Strike continues to heat up, as shown in a new update from the theme park.

The ride's structure was completed some time ago, and since then the park has made a ton of progress on the ride's station, launch building, train shed and other key aspects of the ride.  The trains have started to arrive on site, and the park's story even features a sneak peek at one of the lead cars.

This video gives a great look at the coaster, and explains what Carowinds has been up to:

Another exciting aspect of the ride is the theming package that is going into the course and the ride area in general.  The park reports that Weber Group, the company who has created Copperhead Strike's theming, is now on site and props are soon to be delivered.

© Carowinds
The article gives us our first real look at what the Weber Group has come up with, showing off some concept art for the pre-show that will take place in the first launch building.  Granny Byrd has been cooking up a lot inside the building, and riders will experience her work before that blast into the ride's course.

Even more exciting is the news that Copperhead Strike is scheduled to start testing in early February, which by my calendar means any day now!  The park will start things off slowly with the trains making the course to check clearance and perform final alignments, but before long fully launched test runs with water dummies will be used.