Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Mall of America Planning One of the Country's Largest Indoor Waterparks

© Mall of America
Mall of America, located in Bloomington, MN, has long been filled with attractions and other adventures that draw guests along with the seemingly endless array of retail stores.  Recent plans show that the Mall now wants to get wet by adding a nearly 250,000 square foot indoor waterpark, which would make it one of the largest in the country.

The mall's owner, Triple Five Group, is working with the City to create a plan where the waterpark would be owned and operated by a non-profit organization, allowing for cheaper construction and taxes on the development.  The project comes with a massive price tag of between $230 and $250 million, and also includes a new hotel adjacent to it.

The waterpark would be filled with cutting edge slides and attractions, and because of its size, is expected to have one of the largest offerings anywhere.  It is planned to be located on one of the complex's current surface parking lots, and will connect to the mall directly.

© Mall of America
The Mall of America has long had a theme park located in the center of it, currently named Nickelodeon Universe.  As this news story about the new waterpark points out, in the world of online shopping, malls are looking for more ways to draw visitors than just stores, something owner Triple 5 has long understood.  The company's Mall of Edmonton features both a theme and water park, and their latest project, The American Dream in New Jersey, will also feature both an theme and water park when it opens.