Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sesame Place Already Working on Mystery 2019 Attraction

© Sesame Place
Although it seemed like all the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment properties have already revealed their plans for 2019, there is one park left that just started teasing - and that's Sesame Place.

The park released this video to let guests know that work is going on at the park:

For now the park is only saying that something "new and exciting" is coming to the park in 2019.  However, the above video does show the park's famous Sesame Street, a recreation of the actual street from the show, behind construction walls.  The park's website also confirms that work is underway there:

"Please note: The current Sesame Place Neighborhood will be under construction during A Very Furry Christmas. Guests can still enjoy photo opportunities with Sesame Street friends throughout the park and at 1-2-3 Smile with Me!"

The street in front of the facades is a busy place and used heavily for the daily parade and other activities.  Here is a look at that area:

© Bing Maps
The facades that are under construction are near the top of the image.  Perhaps they are just receiving a makeover for next year, which could coincide with a new set of these buildings going up at SeaWorld Orlando right now.  And maybe a new attraction is going elsewhere in the park?  There is a decent sized open area near the Carousel.

It's definitely a mystery for now, but it sounds like the park plans to tell us more soon, perhaps after their holiday event is over.  It is great to see the park expanding again after building a roller coaster this season, I would have expected an off-year!