Sunday, September 30, 2018

SeaWorld Orlando's Infinity Falls to Hold Grand Opening on October 4th

© SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld Orlando is ready to premier its all-new river rapids ride, Infinity Falls, to the general public on October 4th at noon.  The exciting new rafting experience has been coming together at the park during the summer months, with final test and adjust just completed.

Infinity Falls features "roaring rapids, soaking fountains and a record-setting 40-foot waterfall drop, all against the backdrop of a rainforest utopia."  The rafts encounter a vertical lift that takes them up to the top of the 40 foot drop, which is the largest of the kind in the world.

© SeaWorld Orlando
When boarding Infinity Falls, visitors to the theme park take on the role of a conservationist on a "journey through the rainforest to learn the importance of freshwater conservation through interactive games and stories throughout the ride experience."  The education component continues throughout the attraction's queue and surrounding plaza.

© SeaWorld Orlando
The new ride has been in soft opening status for the past few days, which means that visitors have been able to get in some of the very first rides.  The beautifully landscaped ride features some adventurous rapids (with some nice speed and mini-drops built in) that appears to get riders pretty soaked along the way.  There are also several water blasts along the mid-ride lift that rain down on passengers.  The final drop looks fast and thrilling, creating a surprisingly large splash at the bottom.

If you want a little preview of what a ride on Infinity Falls is like, take a look at this video from Attractions Magazine.  It has especially great views of the vertical lift in action, which is one of many impressive features on the ride.