Friday, September 28, 2018

Kings Island's Firehawk Roller Coaster to Fly Away at the End of 2018 Season

© Kings Island
After a week of teasing fans of the park, Kings Island has announced that Firehawk will be the roller coaster retiring at the end of the park's 2018 season.

Fans of the flying coaster can still get in plenty of rides while the park operates for Halloween Haunt, with the very final rides being given on the last day of the season - October 28th.

According to Kings Island, Firehawk has "reached the end of its service life," having given 6.7 million rides during its time at the park.

Firehawk originally opened at Kings Island in 2007, which means that it had 12 operating seasons at the park.  It first opened at Geauga Lake (at the time known as Six Flags Worlds of Adventure) in 2001, and was named X-Flight.  It operated for six seasons there, closing at the end of 2006 and then moved to Kings Island.

Created by Vekoma, Firehawk was one of two production model flying coasters created, in addition to the original prototype that opened at California's Great America.  Firehawk featured a slightly different ending, with heartline rolls as a finale instead of the corkscrews that were on the prototype.  The ride features several inversions that are encountered in both flying position as well as with riders on their back.

© Google Maps
It has not been 100% confirmed by Kings Island if Firehawk will be scrapped or sold to another park, though speculation is that it will not appear at any other parks.  The ride's location, adjacent to the back of Kings Island where a ton of undeveloped land exists, is seen as a possible starting location for a large new coaster to open at the park in 2020.

Those looking to ride one of Vekoma's flying roller coasters next year will have to visit either Six Flags America, which is home to Batwing, or Carowinds, which is home to Nighthawk.