Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Newly Released Images Show New Rides & Attractions at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Properties

A couple days ago a bunch of images were released on Twitter that appeared to reveal new rides and attractions coming to SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment properties in 2019 & 2020.  Without being able to verify their legitimacy we didn't cover them, but in a surprising move the company went ahead and confirmed they were real to the Orlando Sentinel.

A spokesperson for the company stated that the images "are real and pulled from a company presentation," but "stressed nothing has been made final or approved yet."

Still, with official confirmation let's take a look at the images that Amusement Leaks posted.

Up first is what appears to be a new Skywarp Horizon ride opening next year at SeaWorld San Diego.  The ride recently moved through the local government approval process, giving us a good look at the plans.  At the time the best guess was one of the Skywarp attractions, which appears to be correct.

Here we have another ride that we pretty much had confirmation of with the recent announcement of Busch Gardens Tampa's Tigris roller coaster.  From the not-so-subtle hints that were given during the announcement, many have expected that the former pair of Gwazi wooden roller coasters would become hybrid rides via Rocky Mountain Construction in 2020.  No new details of the experience are revealed, such as if the coaster will feature one or two tracks when it reopens.

Here is another exciting project that we have heard rumors of, it appears as though SeaWorld San Antonio plans to add a large wooden roller coaster in 2020.  Standing around 100 feet tall, the ride would be in a new turtle-themed section of the park (more on that from the park tomorrow morning in their 2019 announcement).  The blurry concept photos appear to show a twisted ride layout that features plenty of low-to-the-ground segments.  We can only guess on the manufacturer for now, but with a limited amount of wood coaster builders there are only so many options.

From various filings with their local government, we've known that Busch Gardens Williamsburg has had their eye on a large new roller coaster for quite some time now.  This is our first look at what the park is planning in 2020, described as a multi-launch shuttle coaster, the fastest coaster at the park hitting a top speed of 76 miles per hour.  The notes call out that the ride will hit its max speed and final drop near the park's Italy bridge, and the images reveal a large spike element, extended fan turn and what looks like a top hat element.

Last but not least, the final image shows a new launch roller coaster planned for SeaWorld Orlando in 2020.  As the text reads, it seems the park isn't too sure about exact statistics, layout or location in the park for the ride.  The text does mention inversions, airtime and banked turns, so it would appear that the ride will be on the more thrilling side of things.

Granted, the company spokesperson did make it clear that while these are real images, that nothing is final quite yet - so take all this with a grain of salt.  However, if it proves true then it seems like 2020 will be a gigantic year for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment properties!