Monday, September 10, 2018

Legoland New York Details New Lands and Attractions Ahead of 2020 Grand Opening

Legoland New York recently held a ceremony to reveal all the rides and attractions that will open with the park in 2020.  The park, to be located in Goshen, New York (an hour outside of Manhattan) will reside on 150 acres on a total site that sprawls over 500 acres.  The park won't open until 2020, but crews are already starting to get the land prepared for the park to be built.

© Legoland New York
Described as already a "multi-day experience" upon its initial debut, Leogland New York will feature more than 50 rides, shows and attractions in eight themed sections.  To reveal these sections, the park built a giant Lego model of the park, which can be seen above and is made of 135,000 bricks and took 20 builders more than 1,300 hours to create.

© Legoland New York
This concept art also shows the park's layout, giving an idea of the park's scale.  Legoland New York will be the largest Legoland park ever developed, and will combine the best attractions at Legoland parks across the globe into one property.

© Legoland New York
This is an aerial view of the land currently being prepped for heavy construction, turning these open spaces into lands filled with rides and attractions.  It's hard to tell from this image, but much of the land the park will sit on features elevation changes, which is also different for a Legoland Park.

© Legoland New York
Here is the official park map for Legoland New York, we will use this to check out the different lands that have been announced.

The Factory is the beginning of park, an area that appears to be built from giant Lego bricks.  The land will feature a unique-to-New York ride, "Great Lego Adventure!," that will let riders feel what it is "like to be a Lego Minifigure, as you travel through the manufacturing process, into a box, and into the hands of a child just waiting to build!"

At the end of the street and just to the left is Bricktopia, a massive Lego building area that lets visitors get in some hands on Lego building with Master Model Builders.  You can also spin on the Imagination Celebration ride in this land.

Moving to the left again in the above map, we find Lego Ninjago World.  Similar to in other Legoland Parks, the main draw will be Ninjago: The Ride, along with a series of play elements that let you train to be a "master of the elements."

© Legoland New York
Next up, in the back left of the map and seen above, is Heartlake City.  Featuring Lego friends Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea and Mia, there will be a balloon ride, outdoor stage and also the home of Granny's Apple Fries, a well-known treat at Legoland parks.

The very back of the park is home to Knights' Kingdom, with the towering Lego Castle as its centerpiece.  The Dragon Coaster, mean for families, will roar through the area, but there will also be smaller coaster and the Dragon Rider School ride as well. 

Lego City is up next, and it's filled with interactive activities for young heroes, such as the fire Rescue Academy ride, and the Lego Driving School.  The land will all feature restaurants, shops and a theater.

© Legoland New York
Moving back closer to the main entrance, next we find Pirate Shores.  There will be a big play area here, along with the Rouge Wave Riders, which let kid "do battle with water spouts and hungry beasts."  Not mentioned in the release, there also appears to be some sort of car ride in the back of the area.

Finally, no park would be complete without Miniland, described as "a massive panorama of Lego built cities from across the country, with interactive features around every corner.  Go from the Statue of Liberty to Times Square in just a few steps, and see bustling streets full of busy, animated pedestrians – even a moving subway."

Legoland New York will also feature a hotel when it opens, and will operate on a seasonal schedule - Spring through the Fall each year.