Saturday, September 22, 2018

Kentucky Kingdom Teasing New Kentucky Flyer Ride for 2019 Season

© Kentucky Kingdom
While not revealing exactly what it is, Kentucky Kingdom has released a new teaser video for their 2019 attraction in which they appear to announce its name as the Kentucky Flyer.

Fans aren't sure just how to gauge the size of this addition as we could be seeing an addition as small as a family flat ride, or a large thrilling flat ride all the way up to a new roller coaster.  But, for what it is worth I'm not expecting the Kentucky Flyer to end up being a roller coaster.

Here is the full teaser clip:

The video features some patriotic music and images of both an airport wind direction indicator and a plane zooming through the air and plenty of clouds in a blue sky.  That, of course, matches with the word "flyer" in the attraction name, completing the theme that the park is going for.

One attraction that comes to mind quickly based of off the images in the video is the Gerstlauer Sky Roller:

© Gerstlauer
The thrilling flat ride takes riders up in individual cars (usually themed as planes) that spin around as the rider is able to rock them back and forth to complete inversions, if they like.  This is a total guess on my part, and I could be totally off when the park announces all the details.

Speaking of the full reveal, we don't know just when the park will give those, though they do promise it will be "soon." 


Unknown said...

I am assuming they will announce soon that they are getting firehawk from kings island now that they said they are closing it this morning.