Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Walt Disney Studios Paris to Receive $2 Billion Makeover with Marvel, Frozen and StarWars

© Disneyland Paris
Today Disney announced a "transformative" expansion to the Walt Disney Studios Park, part of an overall $2 billion Euro expansion to the Disneyland Resort.  The work will see three new themed areas built at the Disney Studios Park, expanding it greatly and helping it to become a true full day theme park experience.

The three new lands will be themed around the Marvel universe of characters, the Frozen film franchise, and the ever-popular StarWars brand.  The concept art above (click for more detail) is of the transformed park, showing two of the new lands being built toward the back of the property in currently undeveloped space, and the Marvel area taking over the left section of the park.

A brand new central lake will be built as well, with what looks like fountain shows taking place on it, with the new lands surrounding it.  The art depicts popular current rides at the park, such as the Tower of Terror and Ratatouille: The Adventure still being present when the work is done.

© Google
Here is a current image of the park from above, while the perspective is not the exact same you can see how the park will grow with the announced additions.  The current backstage area will become a part of the central lake, with the Frozen area beyond it and StarWars land tucked next to that.  The art and this map make it appear as though there will be significant open space left for potentially more additions down the road.

An exact time frame for the opening of these new lands was not announced just that the new additions will come online starting in 2021 - just three years from now.